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Lordz Io is a game which has a special place in my collection of games because even today I love playing this game. The game was developed few years ago and there are not so many people playing it by anyway you can always find some active server and have a lot of fun with one of the best strategy multiplayer game. Keep in mind that if you have not played this game before, you might need some time to find out how to play it, how to achieve success and generate your own staregies of attacks and defence.

Building Base & Army

In Lordz io you start without resources and without money or army. Your mission is to collect the golden coins to earn some money and build your first house. All building in this game have their special meaning - for example the Houses are used to raise the limits of generating soldies, while Gold Mines are used to generate some gold. There are also defensive towers like Archers Tower and Mage Towers which are good for protecting your mines or houses. Your main mission is to make your kingdom grow bigger, generate a powerful army and dominate the map.

Army is one of the most important things in this game but in case you know how to use it properly. At the beginning of the game you are asked to choose your hero - Siegfied,Robin or Merlin. All of them have different powers - for example Merlin will give you mages additional boost for attack while Robin will boost your archers. If you play the game for the first time, you can choose any of those - you can change them later and unlock new heroes as well. Hope you will enjoy the game for free at our website.

Game Controls

Even though that all actions can be done using mouse ( I mean select and build building or train a soldier) the experienced players use keyboard. Using keyboard for placing a building or training troops can be sometimes very useful feature - for example when you are on fight and need to generate army faster or when your base is under attack and placing defensive buildings can save it from destruction. The list of hotkeys for each item can be found below:
[Enter] - |Use Chat|
[O] - |Train Dragon|
[I] - |Train Barbarian|
[U] - |Train Archer|
[Y] - |Train Knight|
[T] - |Train Soldier|
[R] - |Build Archers Tower|
[F] - |Build Mage Tower|
[E] - |Build House|
[Space] - |Split Army |
[Tab] - if you have join a team, you can use this button to switch chat to Only Team mode, so no one can read your message except teammates.

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