Gartic Io

I love games like Gartic io because they give you opportunity to try something new and get new emotions from the game. In fact it is not a game, it is a drawing platform that unites a lot of people who would like to spend some time together and have fun. The game offers a multiplayer mode where people all around the world join the room and play the drawing game together. The mission of the player is to guess the word drawn by other player. It may be an object or some other thing, that does not matter - you just have to guess it.Now you can enjoy the full version of Gartic Io for free at our website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How To Play Gartic io?

All the players will have opportunity to draw something. Each player receives their turn to draw and have to choose from two options what to draw. When the player start drawing the object, other players will type the name of this object. There is a time limit for each round - when the time goes off the players who have already guessed the right word get their points. In the end of the game, the player with highest rank wins.

What Are Game Controls?

The controls for this game are pretty easy : [Left click] to choose a color and drag [left mouse button] to draw. That's all you need. Keep in mind that the game is also available on other platforms, including Android and iOS.

How To Play Gartic io With Friends?

As you know, the game is available in multiplayer mode where you can join an existing room to play with people all around the world. But the game also gives you opportunity to make your own private room to play with friends. If you would like to invide the friends to your room, you just send them the party link and they will easily join. There is no additional software required to create your room or play this game with friends.

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