Venge Io

With the huge number of different shooting games today, it is really difficult to offer something really special for the players to make the game unique and popular. Believe or not, Venge io is one of those online multiplayer shooting game that has some special features that make the game stand above the crowd. Despite the fact that this game has a bit cartoonish graphics, many people play it every day with their friends and enjoy all benefits of the awesome gameplay. So let's find out what makes the game so unique. In fact it is another shooting game with several game modes, including capture the flag and deathmatch. But here, you have to become the leader to unlock special cards - those cards will give you additional skills to dominate over the enemies. Some of the cards can give you opportunity to make shots faster, or even move faster. The best way to unlock the cards is to become the N1 player in the match. All the cards are given on random order - you can't select what you need but you can always save the cards in your account to use it later.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How To Play Venge io?
Just like any other shooting game, here you must kill enemies to succeed. Depending on the game mode which is switched on, you will have to either kill all enemies or steal the flag or dominate the special spots. Anyway, for each right action you get points. In the end of the match, the one with higher score wins the battle. The more detailed guide about weapons & game controls you can find below.

Selection Of Weapons
Even though that there are not so many different weapons as you may want, the game offers 4 weapons with completely unique powers.
Scar - better for mid/long-range combat
Shotgun - best to use for close-range battle
Sniper - a powerful but slow long-range weapon
Tec-9 - rather fast short/medium SMG

What Are Venge io Controls?
[W][A][S][D] to move
[Space] to jump
[R] to reload
[E] to do melee attack
[F] to throw items
[B] to buy
[Shift] or [RMG] to focus
[H] to dance
[Enter] to chat
[Hold B] to turn cards
[LMB] to shoot

Main Features Of The Game
Fast-paced FPS gameplay with clean 3D graphics
Variety of interesting maps
Unlockable cards and skins
Addictive gameplay and several game modes.

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